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kraft paper coffee bags

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We are a Chinese kraft paper coffee bags factory that can provide ordering, customization and consulting services for various packaging bags. We have advanced kraft paper coffee bag production equipment and perfect kraft paper coffee bag workshop management. Our production efficiency is relatively high. There are also great advantages in the design level of kraft paper coffee bags. What kind of coffee bags are kraft paper coffee bags? How do kraft paper coffee bags come from? What are the advantages of bags for coffee packaging? Let’s have an in-depth exchange with you on these issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult. You are also welcome to visit our kraft paper coffee bag factory to see our production strength as a professional kraft paper coffee bag manufacturer. , which is also the guarantee of your product quality, purchasing custom kraft paper coffee bags, we will be your best choice.

what is kraft paper coffee bags

Kraft paper coffee bags is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. It’s usually made from wood pulp, often from pine and bamboo trees. The pulp can come from underdeveloped trees or from the shavings, strips, and edgings discarded by sawmills. 

kraft paper this material is mechanically pulped or processed in acid sulfite to produce unbleached kraft paper. This process uses fewer chemicals than conventional paper production and is less harmful to the environment. kraft paper coffee bags is popular for coffee packaging.

What makes kraft paper so popular for coffee packaging?

Kraft paper is one the primary materials used in the coffee sector. It’s used for everything from pouches to takeaway cups to subscription boxes. Here are just a few factors driving its popularity among specialty coffee roasters.

Are kraft paper coffee bags environmentally friendly?

Kraft paper is one of the most popular materials for coffee packaging.

Lightweight, affordable, and versatile, it is the go-to choice for many roasters, both for bags and takeaway cups. The global kraft paper market is valued at more than $17 billion, with predictions it will grow a further $5 billion by 2028.

A key driver behind this growth is its perceived sustainability: natural (or unbleached) kraft paper is both recyclable and compostable. For roasters, using kraft paper helps lower their environmental impact and showcase a commitment to a circular economy.

However, when left untreated, kraft paper’s barrier properties are relatively low. This means oxygen and light can enter, causing the coffee to lose its distinct characteristics and become stale.

As such, many decide to add layers and laminates, including PET and aluminium foil. And while this improves its barrier properties, it can change the way it needs to be handled once empty.

Read on to find out more about kraft paper coffee bags and its impact on the environment


Why those coffee brands choose kraft paper for coffee packaging

Kraft paper is one of the primary packaging materials favoured across the coffee sector. It is used in everything from pouches and subscription boxes. The kraft paper in our packaging is made using wood sourced from FSC-certified forests. These coffee bags limit environmental impact and showcase a clear commitment to sustainability

Kraft paper can be recycled up to seven times before becoming totally degraded. If it’s contaminated by oil, dirt, or ink, if it’s bleached, or if it’s covered with a plastic layer, it will no longer be biodegradable. However, it will still be recyclable after it’s been chemically treated.

Once treated, it’s compatible with a range of high-quality printing methods. This offers brands a good opportunity to display their designs in vibrant colours, while maintaining the authentic, “natural” aesthetic provided by paper-based packaging

kraft paper coffee bags is better for the environment

A common issue faced by the packaging industry is getting people to recycle it. After all, there’s no point in investing in sustainable packaging if it isn’t going to be reused. Kraft paper is able to meet the SPC’s criteria in this regard.

Of all the different types of packaging materials, fibre based packaging (like kraft paper) is most likely to be recycled kerbside. In Europe alone, the paper recycling rate is more than 70%, simply because consumers know how to dispose of it and recycle it correctly.

Yallah Coffee Roasters in the UK uses paper based packaging, as it can be easily recycled in most UK homes. The company points out that, unlike other options, paper won’t need to be recycled at specific points, which often puts people off recycling altogether.

It also chose paper knowing that it would be easy for customers to recycle it, and that the UK has the infrastructure to ensure that the packaging will be properly collected, sorted, and recycled.

Kraft paper is a lightweight, cost-effective, and eco-friendly packaging option that’s perfectly suited to storing and transporting coffee. It can support crisp, colourful branding, and can be sculpted into a range of sizes and shapes, from side gusset bags to quad seal pouches.

Although widespread shortages led to a hike in global prices, the situation is steadily recovering and it is still affordable for the majority of coffee businesses, whether for retail or online orders.

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What Is Kraft Paper & Why Is It Popular With Coffee Roasters?

Paper, plastic, aluminium, PLA, LDPE – there are plenty of materials that roasters have to consider when choosing their coffee packaging. And for each material, there are a number of variables to consider, from cost and sustainability to quality and durability.

However, for years, kraft paper has been used by third wave and specialty coffee roasters to package both single origin and blended coffee. It is affordable, widely accessible, and altogether versatile. A strong and reliable staple that has been used to package consumer goods for decades, kraft paper is one of the oldest forms of packaging that is still in use today.

To learn more about the origins and benefits of kraft paper packaging bags, we spoke to one of our Senior Account Managers at MTPak Coffee, Corina Ye. Read on to find out what she said.


What Is Kraft Paper & How Is It Made?

Kraft paper can be found almost everywhere. It’s sold in rolls for use in arts and crafts, used to package all manner of consumer goods, and has even been used as insulation in electrical transformers. 

Kraft paper takes its name from the kraft process which is used in its manufacture. This process involves boiling wood chips in sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide to chemically convert them into wood pulp. 

This process removes a polymer called lignin from the pulp, as lignin binds cellulose fibres together at a microscopic level. As a result, the pulp is high in cellulose, which is the main component of paper and is naturally structurally resistant.

Once the pulp is formed, it is then screened to remove larger pieces, before being washed to remove any residual fluids. The resulting pulp can then be made into a variety of paper products, including kraft paper.

Kraft paper was invented in 1879 by Carl F. Dahl, making it one of the oldest forms of packaging that is still in use today. As time has passed, however, the kraft process has become more environmentally friendly. Today, most of the water and chemical byproducts generated by the process are recycled, and the finished product itself can, in theory, be recycled an infinite number of times.

In its simplest form, kraft paper is thin and unbleached, but it also comes in a variety of textures, thicknesses, and colours. Sack kraft paper, for instance, is a variety of kraft paper that is made to be highly elastic and tear-resistant, which is often designed for products which need additional strength and elasticity.

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