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What are compostable coffee bags

Compostable coffee bags is traditionally made from materials that will, under the right circumstances, break down into its organic components. These components should leave no negative impact on the environment. We provide compostable coffee bags with valve, one-way degassing valve to help retain the freshness of your coffee. Top zipper and tear notch are available. All components are full compostable. There are a variety of options for compostable coffee bags. You can order compostabe coffee bags to consult us for more informations about compostable coffee bags and get a quote.

-compostable stand up coffee bags

-compostable flat bottom coffee bags

-compostable side gusset coffee bags

-compostable coffee bags with window

-compostable coffee bags with tin tie

What are compostable flat bottom coffee bags?

Compostable flat bottom coffee bags are specially designed bags made from compostable materials that can be composted after use. These compostable coffee bags are designed with a flat bottom, making them ideal for storing coffee beans, grounds, and other dry goods. They are often made from plant-based materials such as corn starch, and have a number of environmental benefits. Compostable flat bottom coffee bags are an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Compostable coffee bags with valve and zipper

Compostable coffee bags with valves and zipper are designed to release the gas buildup that can occur during the roasting process. The degassing valve allows air to escape without allowing oxygen to enter the compostable coffee bag, which can damage the flavor and aroma of the beans. The zipper allows the user to easily open and close the bag without having to worry about spilling any of the beans.


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How do compostable coffee bags with valve work

Compostable coffee bags with valves are becoming increasingly important to professional coffee roasters. Compostable coffee bags with valve are made from organic materials, including degassing valves that are also compostable and are all fully decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and biomass (renewable energy) in a composting environment. The main function of the one-way degassing valve is to discharge the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans inside the compostable coffee bags, while blocking the air outside the compostable coffee bags into the compostable coffee bags, maintaining the vacuum seal of the coffee bag, locking the freshness and aroma of the roasted coffee beans.

How to close compostable coffee bags

Like regular coffee bags, compostable coffee bags can be customized. Custom compostable coffee bags come with the option of resealable zippers and tin ties, both of which are also made using organic materials and are 100% compostable. You can also choose pocket zippers and other sealing methods, too. You can also design tear notches that easy to tear, more convenient for the end customer to open the compostable coffee bags. The resealable zipper and tin tie both close the bag again after removing the beans. Sealed compostable coffee bags lock in the aroma of roasted coffee and extend shelf life.

How to print on compostable coffee bags

Customizable compostable coffee bags is the best choice in the market today. Innovative coffee packaging can stand out on the shelves. Unique design, eye-catching colors and other advantages can help consumers quickly notice your compostable coffee bags on the shelf. In fact, in addition to intaglio printing, we also offer HD digital printing technology in over 10 colors. To make your compostable coffee bags stand out, choose one of our digital printed compostable coffee bags. Digital printing is done with HP 20000, which is actually a laser press that prints all art CMYK and produces photo quality prints.

Customizable compostable coffee bags

We provide custom compostable coffee bags service, our professional design team will help you design a unique compostable coffee bag. You just need to provide your design or idea, and we will do the rest. Compostable coffee bags can be customized to showcase your brand's bold and vibrant artwork and you can choose from different size packaging types including stand up compostable coffee bags, square bottom compostable coffee bags, side gusset compostable coffee bags and flat compostable coffee bags, etc. And these types of packaging can include tear notches, resealable zippers, hanging holes, clear windows, and other additional attributes that are best suited to your company and customers. Our customizable compostable 12 oz coffee bags are a hot seller, with the advantage of high barrier packaging favored by many speciality coffee roasters.


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What are the best compostable coffee bags

The perfect compostable coffee bags include innovative design, eye-catching printing, sustainable materials, easy-to-tear notches, resealable zippers and one-way degassing valves. The best compostable coffee pouches are made with certified compostable roll film that are fully compostable, and all accessories including zippers and degassing valves are compostable. Innovative compostable coffee pouches should be the most landfill-friendly, environmentally friendly and cost effective on the market today.

Compostable coffee bags material

Custom printing compostable coffee bags made from eco friendly material. According to customers' needs, different compostable materials can be used to make compostable coffee bags. The commonly used compostable coffee bags materials are NK/PLA, PLA/Kraft Paper/PLA. If you want to know more information, kindly visit our website, or leave a  message, our team will contact you soon. We provide customized compostable coffee packaging solutions according to your needs.

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